AzaadiNow: Reflecting on 10th Anniversary of the Syrian Uprising

On Saturday May 8th at 11 am EST / 8:30 pm IST we had a live conversation focusing on the 10th Anniversary of the Syrian Uprising.
We are joined by four strong Syrian voices: Alaa Al Soufi, Mohammad Al-Attar, Noura Ghazi, Shiyam Galyon.

Here is more about them.

Alaa Al Soufi (they/them) arrivied to Turtle Island 5 and a half years ago, and ever since, they have been working to raise awareness and integrate the Syrian Revolution into the activist scene here by being involved in various struggles such as Indigenous land back efforts, BLM, queer rights, advocating for tenant and homeless rights, as well as migrant rights.

Mohammad Al-Attar is a Syrian playwright and Dramaturge. He is considered an important chronicler of war-torn Syria. He studied English Literature at Damascus University and Theatrical Studies at the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts in Damascus. He also has a Masters in Applied Drama from Goldsmiths, University of London. His plays have been staged in many languages at various international theaters and in venues around the world. They include Withdrawal (2007), Samah (2008), Online (2011), Could You Please Look into the Camera? (2011), A Chance Encounter (2012), Antigone of Shatila (2014), While I Was Waiting (2016), Iphigenia (2017), The Factory (2018), and Damascus 2045 (2019) . Al-Attar has written for numerous magazines and newspapers, with a special focus on the Syrian
uprising since 2011.

Noura Ghazi is a Human Rights lawyer. She has helped over 1,000 detainees and their families in Syria. She is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Nophotozone, an organization providing legal assistance, empowerment, and advocacy for detainees and their families and families of those forcibly disappeared in Syria. Ghazi internationally advocates for Human Rights. Her work has been covered by the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Al Jazeera among others. In 2018 Ghazi was named by Amnesty International as one of the “8 kick-ass women standing up for our rights.” She is from Damascus, Syria. She lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon.

Shiyam Galyon is a U.S. based writer. She is a member of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement and is the current communications coordinator at War Resisters League, the oldest secular pacifist antiwar organization in the United States.

Documentary Preview: Syria was once a beautiful country | Project Lead – Dr. Mehrunnisa Ali | Director – Cyrus Sundar Singh | Available in Arabic & English

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